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Since founding TSSI in 1994, we have been asked dozens of times to help home users with their computers. Many times these are business owners or staff home computers. They see us stopping infections and protecting their company computers and want the same for their home devices. We have always either taken care of them or directed them to someone that we felt could best assist. Well, with all the Cyber threats now looming it is more important than ever that home computers be protected and data backed up. What we are finding is that individuals just don't know the best methods and tools to utilize. Just like we would call upon an electrician or auto mechanic, it is even more important that a qualified individual protect your personal and private data.

In one week I personally was approached four times from individuals that had either lost access to their data due to a cyber-hack, virus or failure of a computer. They were desperate for a solution and we were able to recover their data 100%. This is not always the case! Now, instead of responding to a Cyber event or computer that has failed, we want to protect your data so you don't take any chances of losing it forever. What would you do if you lost all your family photographs or had financial data stolen? That is why we have created our home services program. We want to serve and protect you as we have many others for decades.

Take a few minutes to review the material here. To get yourself protected under the program, click the red button at the bottom of this page and select your plan. There is NO long term commitment. If you choose to discontinue the program for some reason, just call and cancel your service. No questions asked or sales pitch. We guarantee our service 100% so you are not taking any risk.


Our focus is on protecting you from:

  • Cyber-threats that cause you to lose your data
  • Computer Infections that corrupt your data
  • Computer failures that cause you to lose access to your data
  • A slow computer due to lack of maintenance
  • Education so you recognize a threat and safe computing practices

The TSSI HOME Services Program provides you:

  • Security — We provide multiple security tools to best protect you from computer nightmares
  • Backups — Our secure off-site backups allow you to know that even if your computer fails, you will not lose any of your valuable data.
  • Restores — Should you ever need to restore your data for whatever reason, we will be there to assist.
  • Tune Up — Our technicians will routinely and automatically tune up your computer so it remains fast and efficient.
  • Updates — We take care of keeping windows updated which is critical to protecting you.
  • Monitoring — We continuously monitor your computer for failures or viruses so we can address issues whenever possible before there is a problem.
  • Education – Ever worry you don't know what you don't know? We help educate you on how to protect yourself from identity theft and data loss.

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I'm concerned about your being protected and want to help you. If you have questions, call us at 410-239-9492 or email at info@technologysupport.us.

Dedicated to protecting you,
Tim Niles