Feature Descriptions

The following are descriptions of each of the plan features. Not all plans have all features. For a full breakdown of each plan, see the plan comparison page.

Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware Software and Updates

Anti-Virus software has been the foundation for many home users security for many years. It is more important than ever that you have a capable, updated and monitored tool watching over your computer. In fact, since no one tool can catch everything, we include multiple tools for just this purpose. We take care of the updating, monitoring and routine scans for you as part of your plan. All without your having to lift a finger or be interrupted.

Internet Security Shield

We include this important tool to protect you from going to known, infected or malicious websites. Just accidentally typing a website address incorrectly can easily infect your computer. If we see your computer headed that direction, we block the connection and show you an alert on your screen. Think of this as the crossing guard at a busy street corner helping you get to the other side safely (minus bright yellow vest).

Windows Security Patches & Updates

Microsoft is continually coming out with security patches and updates for Microsoft Windows. We have found that most home users many times don't know that their computer needs to be updated, don't know how to do it or just don't have time to wait hours for an update to complete. We take care of this for you. In fact, our team carefully reviews and tests new patches to make sure they fix things without breaking others. Once reviewed, these updates are automatically installed on your computer in the early hours of the day several times a week. Just like all of our services, we try to keep you secure and protected without interrupting your day.

Automated Preventative Maintenance

Just like you have the oil changed and tires rotated in your car, so should you perform preventative maintenance on your computer. Most people don't know that this needs to be done or don't have the time, knowledge or interest to do so. We perform numerous tasks to "tune-up" your computer to keep it running smoothly and quickly. No need to bring it into the shop, as we do this remotely and automatically in the early morning hours.

Remote Access

Have you ever been away from home but needed access to your home computer? We include a highly secure tool to provide you access to all your files and even your full computer when away. No more waiting until you get home from vacation to access that important document or information. It's all included with your support and protection program.

Secure Data Backup

Have you ever lost data when your computer became infected or the equipment failed? Are you absolutely sure you are backing up your computer and that you can actually do a restore? We have included the backup of your data files in with several of our plans. We will work with you to define what you wish to backup and take care of monitoring them to make sure they happen. In fact, they are not just performed nightly but as soon as you edit a data file, a copy is whisked securely off to our highly protected data center within moments. We can restore your data at your request based on any specified date. That way if you accidentally overwrote that document last week, we can still restore it for you.

Data Restore Support

Not only do we handle your backups but we also are available to work with you in case of a restore. This is a stressful time for anyone so it is critical that the restore be done correctly so you do not lose any data. That is why we feel it is so important to personally work with you to recover just the data you wish. No more worrying about lost data or technical restore software. We will be available when you need us!

Remote Support

Sometimes you just want to ask a question about your computer but don't know who to call or who you can trust. Selected plans include this type of support time. If you don't use the time, it is saved in a time bank. That way if you have an important project such as setting up a new computer or want help installing a new version of some software, you have accrued time that never goes away while you have a plan with us. To keep our plans super affordable we do limit the time each month but as long as you have "banked" the time, we are available to serve your computing needs.


Just as important as all the other items noted here, education is critical to protecting your data. As part of our program, we will routinely send you reminders and hints on how to keep yourself protected. You can always know that we are there to support you and help protect you from the traps and potholes that abound on the internet. We'll help you understand what to stay away from and what can happen when you stumble into a problem. We are always adding to our material and will keep you informed of new dangers, interesting sources of information and fun facts.