Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of the common questions that we have received. If you have questions that are not answered here, please call us so we can help.

I only have one computer. Do I really need protection?

Most people have years of family photos and videos, financial data, email and other items that are critically important to them. What would you do if you lost this data? Worse yet, what would you do if sensitive financial data was released publicly or if you suffered financial loss due to the release of this data. Most of us don't think about the possibilities or think it can not happen to us but based on decades of experiences of this type, I can tell you that unfortunately it can. 100% of computer storage devices will fail. It is just a matter of when. Being protected from accidental loss or theft of your data makes such an event a minor inconvenience instead of a personal or financial catastrophe.

Can I change plans if I change my mind?

Yes, you can always change to a different plan. All we ask is that you do not change to a lower plan more than four times a year.

If I sign up for the Plus plan, what happens if I don't use all the support time each month?

We monitor your monthly time usage and any unused time will be kept for your future use. Think of it as a bank of time that grows if unused. That way when you might need a larger block of time, you have it. Much like a savings account. You can use it at any time for any purpose. Need a new computer setup? Have questions about how to do something or use a website? Have a problem with your computer and need some knowledgeable help? That is what it is for. We look forward to being your helping hands!

If I sign up for the Plus plan, how long until my accrued time expires?

Never, so long as you are on a plan that includes support time, you do not terminate your service and your bill is paid on-time.

How do I restore my data if I need to do so?

If you have a plan that includes backup services, we will take care of that for you. It's already a feature of your plan.

What happens if I replace my computer?

We will be happy to work with you to move your services from one computer to the other. This is not deducted from your support time block.

How do I access my computer when I'm away from home?

As part of our onboarding process we setup the remote access software. All we need to do is provide you with your credentials and instructions. Just email and we will reply with the pertinent information.

I already have Anti-virus software. Aren't I protected?

You might be or maybe not. Most people install AntiVirus software and never update it. Even if they do they tend to ignore the annoying alerts they receive if a virus is blocked. We have evaluated the leading providers and selected a product that we feel is the best on the market. In addition, it alerts us as well as you to a possible infection so we can interpret if it is an issue or not. Your never alone with us supporting your computing needs and questions.

What happens if I accidentally click on an infected website or email?

As part of our service we install tools that will block known infected websites or links in emails. Even if it is an unknown infected site we have two additional tools keeping an eye on any malicious files, links or websites. It's a multi-layered approach to protecting you and your data.

I received a call from "Microsoft" stating that I have a computer problem and that they could help. What do I do?

Microsoft, Apple, Intel and the IRS for that matter will never call you. This is unfortunately a common hoax. You will be receiving routine communication from us about this type activity. They will try to convince you to allow them access to your computer. It is absolutely critical that you NEVER do so. Instead, just hang up on them (your not being rude) and give us a call.

My computer has failed. Is my data safe?

If you are protected by one of our plans that includes backup protection, you are safe. Contact us and we will work with you to recover your data promptly.

I've seen less expensive plans. Why should I use your services instead?

We may be a few dollars more than some other plans but based on 30 years in the industry, I can tell you we are protecting you with tools that the "other guys" don't use. They are responding to your failed computer issues, not keeping an eye on it and protecting you proactively. We are also in the good old USA (Maryland to be specific). You are "buying local" and not being tossed off to a country far away that does not understand english or give you the time of day when you call. We have not found anyone that is offering a plan like ours. That is why we decided to build it, to best support you when you most need it. We will be there to support you when others will not!